Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Rings For Life?

Published: 24th May 2010
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Majority of us need do some research just to confirm they acquire the wedding band that will embody the undying matrimony when dealing with the once in a life time decision of selecting their wedding ring. If you are keen about purchasing the new metal type wedding jewelry such as tungsten or titanium, assess the following aspects before making a decision.

Are they easily scratched?

Even though titanium wedding rings are extremely tough and sturdy, the surface of the jewelry can easily be scuffed. Therefore, it will lose its gorgeous shine and polished finish in normal daily use. For rings with gold, silver or similar inlay, the inlay portion of these bands is also vastly exposed to abrasion. In cases of negligible blemishes, titanium rings can be restored to the original form. Conversely, tungsten rings are wholly resilient to abrasions because tungsten carbide is very durable. These jewelry will in no way get scuffed.

How about discoloration?

The metals will not change color. Both the Titanium and tungsten carbide are naturally passive and doesn't change color with normal usage like being exposed to the sunlight or dipped in salt water.

Will these jewelry be forced out of original shape?

These titanium and tungsten have exceedingly prohibitive elastic characteristics. On the other hand, titanium rings could bend out of shape but tungsten jewelry will not, under harsh circumstances. When excessive force is employed on titanium rings, in situations such as being hit by a closing door, the ring would bend when the collision is powerful enough. However, tungston rings will have better odds in being unharmed, reason being tungsten metal in general is sturdier than titanium metal. Conversely, if the blow goes higher than the limit, the band will be broken into several parts instead of bend out of shape. It is due to the brittle characteristics.

Can they be resized?

The possibility of resizing the ring might be nice since we experience weight fluctuations. Because of the extreme melting altitude of the metals, Normal cutting and welding are impossible on these metals. Therefore, resizing is a issue to be considered gravely. Titanium wedding rings can be compressed or pushed up to one size, if there are no embedded stones or inlays on these rings. Conversely, carbide tungsten wedding rings cannot be adjusted at all. Hence, you must measure the size of the rings carefully, in order to put off any adjustments matters after purchase.

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